Chez Carole

One of a kind Jewelry

Chez Carole is represented by Carole Seikaly, a prestigious designer located in Miami, Florida. Born and raised in Paris of French Lebanese parents, Carole worked with Christian Dior in the press office, until she moved to the United States with her husband. They have two beautiful children, Frederick and Tatiana.

Carole’s creations are infused with a sense of rich familial heritage. As a teenager in Lebanon, she began to transform her ideas into jewelry pieces. Today, each piece of jewelry yields a completely individual look and personality. Growing up in a family of collectors, she was inspired by fine art and beauty and surrounded by fashion, and antiques which crafted her sense of eclecticism.

By weaving international travel with local cultural artistry, Carole’s collection of extraordinary pieces have become world renowned. From celebrities to royalty, Carole’s designs are as exclusive as the people who wear them.

Chez Carole’s creations are Bohemian in nature, unbounded in beauty and limitless in imaginative creativity. Crafted by the finest artisan in the Miami area, her collection contains timeless-one-of-a-kind pieces. Women wearing her perfectly matched selection will radiate confidence and exude seductiveness.